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Spectrum January. Thirty-One days of short fiction celebrating the uniqueness of contemporary fantastical art, based on the Spectrum series of books. Annuals 18 and 19.

All stories are by Brandon R. Chinn, and were done ‘stream of consciousness.’ One per day, written in one sitting, each day for the month of January in the year 2013.

Day One: A Cold Morning, Somewhere Far Away.

Day Two: Beneath the Infinite Seas.

Day Three: The Headcage.

Day Four: Troubled Iron.

Day Five: A Proper Walk.

Day Six: Notes From the Fauna Project.

Day Seven: The Infinitesimally Small Goddess.

Day Eight: The Monsters in the Shade of the Photographs.

Day Nine: When Presented With Absurdity, I Trust My Dog

Day Ten: Sweet Sleeping Sylva.

Day Eleven: Wildkin.

Day Twelve: Coming Home Tired.

Day Thirteen: Washed-out Technicolor Worldview.

Day Fourteen: Off the Coast of Innsmouth.

Day Fifteen: Out of the Mouth of the Tikbalang.

Day Sixteen: The Elephant Show.

Day Seventeen: Poignant.

Day Eighteen: The Lady of the Land.

Day Nineteen: Goddess of the Frozen World.

Day Twenty: The King of Crows.

Day Twenty-One: Another Day for Dynamite Company.

Day Twenty-Two: Two Hours.

Day Twenty-Three: The Ladies of the Ocean.

Day Twenty-Four: One Day I Will Be Gone.

Day Twenty-Five: A Girl-shaped Creature, Undone.

Day Twenty-Six: Death and the Maiden.

Day Twenty-Seven: What is Left After Words.

Day Twenty-Eight: Against.

Day Twenty-Nine: The Words That Become Written.

Day Thirty: Pain Understood By the Older Things.

Day Thirty One: The End (Also titled: How I Got Here)